The best tablets for hair loss and hair growth, which within in a few weeks will help you stop hair loss and restore natural hair colour. About 95% of men are satisfied with the final effects of using the product.

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Profolan is a high-quality natural Grow3 formula, which acts directly on the cause of hair loss!

For who?

The product is intended only for men who are struggling with the problem of hair loss. Regular use guarantees maximum results. Read more >>

Important information

The product has obtained the necessary permits to be sold in Poland and the certifications that guarantee its safety and efficacy. Read more >>

Grow3 formula

The preparation’s action is based on the Grow3 formula, which was created on the basis of natural ingredients that have a direct impact on the inhibition of hair loss and the stimulation of its regrowth. Read more >>

Avis d’expert

Profolan is according to many specialists around the world an ideal alternative to expensive hair transplantation. The proper selection of ingredients effectively stimulates the growth of new hair. Read more >>

Worth reading:

Why is it worth taking tablets for hair loss?

The problem of hair loss is affecting more and more people, both women and men. There are an increasing number of factors causing hair loss, and those affected by the ailment are looking for more effective ways to combat the problem. Commercially available products include shampoos, conditioners, masks and tablets. Are the last on the list effective? The answer is in the text below.

Hair loss – causes

Doctors, dermatologists and cosmetologists suggest that there are many causes of hair loss, although the most frequent factor causing the loss of hair is poor diet. If we do not receive enough vitamin A, E and C and B vitamins, this can manifest itself in excessive hair loss. Among other causes of hair loss are excessive stress, which weakens the body, disease, drug abuse and genetic factors. The genetic predisposition to hair loss mentioned above mainly affects men. It is most often men who suffer from androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. Androgenetic alopecia appears gradually; the hair begins to fall out at the temple, and at the top of the head it becomes thin and sparse. Alopecia areata, in turn, is when hair falls out in a specific area, forming a bald patch, which in addition to having unaesthetic appearance can cause psychological discomfort.

Ways to fight hair loss

Many people who notice that their hair is starting to fall out hair begin to look at the problem from the outside. Drugstores offer a wide range of products to prevent hair loss, such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, lotions and rubs. Often, attempts to combat the problem by using cosmetics ends in failure, and this is because the cause of hair loss lies within, not outside. Another method for combating hair loss are dietary supplements, which, depending on the type, are designed to provide the nutrients necessary for hair growth and stimulate hair follicles. The final remedy is a hair transplant; however, this method to combat the problem is usually only chosen by people for whom all other treatment methods have not yielded the expected results.

Profolan as a way to combat hair loss

Several years ago, an American manufacturer launched the preparation Profolan to prevent hair loss, which, thanks to its high effectiveness, quickly gained popularity among men struggling with the problem. Profolan contains the Grow3 complex, which is designed to inhibit hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair. The high effectiveness of Profolan provides a high content of vitamins B6 and E and thiamine. Vitamin B6 is responsible for the absorption of oxygen into cells, increasing the amount of mineral substances delivered to the hair, thereby enhancing its structure, preventing it from falling out. Vitamin B6 is also responsible for producing sebum, which affects the condition of hair and nourishes hair follicles. In addition, Profolan contains tianinę, zinc, copper and extract from nettle and field horsetail, which are responsible for the suppleness and condition of hair and its ability to regenerate, which together mean that 9 out of 10 men are satisfied with the preparation and recommended it to others.